November 18th – 23rd at Aero Theatre and Italian Cultural Institute

Screened every day before the film program.
In collaboration with Roma Creative Contest, the International Short Film Festival organized in Rome by Image Hunters

Friday November 18th at Aero Theatre

MANHUNT – 2016

Directed by: Brando Bartoleschi
Cast: Adriano Giannini, Maximillian Dirr
Runtime: 5 min.
Production: Image Hunters
Synopsis: Two hunters discover a dead body hidden in the wood: it’s impossible to recognize the identity of the murdered, because of a gunshot that has disfigured his face.

Saturday November 19th at Aero Theatre


Directed by: Leopoldo Caggiano
Cast: Leopoldo Caggiano, Ilaria Marcelli
Runtime: 6 min.
Production: Leopoldo Caggiano, Wild Wolf Productions, Image Hunters
Synopsis: The risky art of solving problems together, which you didn’t have when you were on your own.

Sunday November 20th at Aero Theatre

NINGYO – 2016

Directed by: Gabriele Mainetti
Cast: Alessandro Borghi, Aurora Ruffino
Runtime: 8 min.
Production: Think Cattleya, Reanult Italia
Synopsis: An unexpected encounter, an enigmatic discovery, the sea as a habitat of a love story that will probably remain illusory.

Wednesday November 23rd at the Italian Cultural Institute


Directed by: Davide Gentile
Cast: James Sobol Kelly, Joe Cushly
Runtime: 15 min.
Production: Banjo Eyes Films
Synopsis: We have nothing against the traditional food, which warms the heart. In fact, we like it a lot. But an unhealthy diet and the physical inactivity are silent killers, responsible for millions of deaths around the world.